“I create precarious forms that inhabit a sense of uncertainty and instability, fuelled by my own anxieties as an artist living and working on the edges of a city." - Josh C. Wright

His practice draws endless inspiration from the city’s physical and conceptual landscape, while his sculptures have an uneasiness and unsteadiness to them; placing bricks, something from our everyday lives that represents structure and security, in a perilous arrangement.

Josh C. Wright is a sculptor based in London. He graduated from a BA in Fine Art Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts in 2016. In 2019 he was awarded an Artist Bursary with a-n The Artist Information Company. A year later, he was shortlisted for the Ingram Prize and in 2021 he was awarded a Developing Your Creative Practice Grant by Arts Council England.
He has undertaken multiple residencies including ORBIT Residency (Digital, 2020), the Kettle’s Yard Open House Residency (Cambridge, 2019-20), and the Mildred’s Lane Residency (USA, 2019).
Recent selected exhibitions include: Urban Tension, (dARTS, London, 2023), Precarious, (Art Exchange, University of Essex, Colchester, 2023), Artist’s Artist, (OHSH Projects, London, 2023), Hypha Presents, (Hypha Studios Mayfair, London, 2022), Ground Work, (STUDIO WEST, London, 2022), Lost in a Just-In-Time Supply Chain, (Hypha Studios, London, 2022), The House Protects The Dreamer, (D Contemporary, London, 2021), Dreamlands, (OHSH Projects London, 2021), 60 X 60, (SET Lewisham, London, 2021), The Ingram Prize,  (Online due to Covid19, 2020), NIMBY: Not In My Back Yard, (Contemporary Collaborations - Robert Youngs Antiques, London, 2019).