• The Gallery

    Studio West is a new cultural hot spot in Notting Hill, showing work by emerging and recently established London based artists, offering them support, mentoring and hosting opportunities that showcase the most exciting upcoming talents

    Caroline Boseley has a unique and personal vision for her newest enterprise, planning to engage fully and authentically with the local community, cultural organisations and young people. The gallery will enrich and develop the local area and create a comfortable, and welcoming space for engaging with contemporary art. She is excited for the gallery to take up residence in such a culturally rich and diverse area and to work productively within its environs. Studio West offers a new approach to commercial, contemporary art – it puts artists’ needs at the forefront and nurtures an awareness of the local community within which it operates. 

    Visitors will be invited to enjoy a varied programme of talks, workshops and screenings, alongside the gallery exhibition programme.
    Learn more about our director and curator, Caroline Boseley.

  • The Location

    216 Kensington Park Road has lived many lives before becoming STUDIO WEST. The building was likely constructed in the late 1860s, when it started life as a pub called The Grasshopper and remained a popular watering hole for the local community for many years, until it closed around the end of the First World War. It later became the home of the North Kensington Labour Party Working Men’s Club. 


    In the mid-1960s, the building was leased and operated as a photographic production studio. Its connection to artistic production continued when it became the home to Lyndon’s Art Shop in 1984, which provided art and craft supplies to the artists and residents of the borough.The closure of the store has given curator Caroline Boseley the exciting opportunity to revitalise the space and launch Studio West.


    Please note that as the building is in a conservation area, the facade cannot be altered. Therefore there is a small step at the entrance.