Anna Woodward’s practice investigates utopian and dystopian states in relation to how the natural world is undergoing a period of change and destruction. Woodward’s creates post-human environments where ambiguous plants and insects have been left to grow free and exist beyond human intervention. Classical depictions of flora and fauna influence her practice and technique, reminiscent of works by Hieronymus Bosch, the 16th century Dutch painter.


Selected Exhibitions:

  • I’ll Be Your Mirror, Boisdale of Bishopsgate curated by Mark Connolly, (2022)
  • With Love, II, online exhibition by Paint Talk, curated by Mark Connoly, (2021)
  • Into the Cosmere, 188 Shoreditch High Street by Jack Trodd (2021
  • Reframing, Rebuilding at Sevenoaks Kaleiodscope (2021)
  • Euphoric, Online group show by Josephine Bailey (2021)
  • City and Guilds Of London Art School 2020 Graduates Exhibition at The Oxo Tower Barge House (2021)
  • Domesticity and The Feminine, curated by Josephine Bailey (2021)
  • Life on Venus, Landscape, Organic, Human, curated by Tub Hackney x The Auction Collective
  • Purslane online exhibition, curated by Charley Siddick (2020)