FAD: Finding Hope In Imagined Worlds and Alternative Futures

Bella Bonner Evans, FAD, February 6, 2022

Currently, on show at Notting Hill’s newest gallery Studio WestThe Reality in Whytch You Create brings together the work of a new generation of London-based creators who challenge our understandings of what is real and imagine new worlds or alternative futures to repair, rebuild and subvert. 


The exhibition includes Sholto Blissett’s painstakingly precise paintings of natural, and architectural landscapes and Salomé Wu’s soft, organic, and fluid work across sound and video. Superficially their practices are strikingly different, yet they are connected by a common impetus to construct imagined worlds as an escape from our shared reality. Through envisioning surreal yet possible places beyond the known, they both posit questions regarding our relationship with nature, the emphasis on progress within contemporary capitalism and the ways in which we relate to our world or find our place within it.  


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