“My recent works look to arcadian visions and pastoral ideals with a dystopian undertone." - Jesse Pollock

Jesse's works draw on objects associated with ‘the olden days’ of Rural Britain, such as fruit picking ladders, flagons and shotguns. He is trying to explore why he feels so patriotic and how legacies are passed on, while questioning what it all means today.


Using steel, aluminium and silicone to create sculptures which refer to the shifting and sometimes fraught interplay of our relationship to landscape, history and tradition. His work juxtaposes bucolic convention with a distorted and contested contemporary reality.

Jesse Pollock is a sculptor who lives and works in Kent. He graduated from a BA in Contemporary Art Practice at Camberwell College of Arts in 2015.
Recent selected exhibitions include: Sculpture in the City, (London, 2022), Dream Weavers, (Grove Collective, London, 2022), Pink Gallery,  (Superzoom, Miami, 2021), Sit Right Here And Watch The World Burn,  (Selfridges, London, 2021), Arcadia, (Bold Tendencies, London, 2021), Nourishment ii, (VO Curations, London, 2020), A Land of Incomparable Beauty, (Collective Ending, London, 2020), Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer 2020, (BrookeBennington, Fulmer, 2020),  The Garden of England, (Steve Turner, Los Angeles, 2020), Dieu To Old England, The Kids Are Alright, (Choi and Lager, Cologne, 2019), Super Zoom curated by Ferdinand Gros, (Paris, 2019). Art Dusseldorf, (Steve Turner, Dusseldorf, 2019), Shooting Starlings, (VO Curations and Archive 18-20, Paris, 2019), Material Art Fair: Representing Hannah Barry Gallery, (Mexico City, Mexico, 2019).