FAD Magazine: An Interview with Victoria Cantons and Xu Yang

Bella Bonner-Evans, FAD MAGAZINE, November 5, 2021

"Throughout the history of art, love, desire and partnership have been powerful driving forces in the creation of triumphant works, both by united couples producing in collaboration and as emblems of loves lost or unrequited lust. Noteworthy pieces were forged in the fires of romance such as Virginia Woolf’s Orlando: A Biography and Auguste Rodin’s infamous ode to Eros, The Kiss


In anticipation of their upcoming duo exhibition at newly opened Studio West in Notting Hill, I visited the artist couple continuing this lineage, Victoria Cantons and Xu Yang. Cantons and Yang are two artists at the forefront of contemporary painting, having recently shown at Saatchi Gallery, The Royal Academy, Guts Gallery and Cuturi Gallery. They live and work together, sharing a bright, airy, and slightly chaotic studio in West London. Every experience they have is collaborative, from the creative to the quotidian. It is surprising that this exhibition marks their first as a partnership, allowing a rare and special glimpse into their relationship alongside the love that reverberates through their work..."