Moussa David Saleh


"My work is characterised by a preoccupation with the human form and the myriad ways in which these forms interact - physically, ambiguously - with one another." - Moussa David Saleh

Moussa's focus on the figurative permits an exploration of themes such as shame and self-love, in a society in which all around us are warning signs of the dangers of too much or too little of either.


Moussa David Saleh (b. 1984) lives and works in London. With a background in corporate law and then political illustration, he previously worked as a cartoonist for Newsweek Europe. Moussa is currently undertaking the Turps Banana Correspondence Course (2022-23). He has participated in group exhibitions at The Royal Academy of Arts (2011) and Soho Revue Gallery (2020), as well as a solo exhibition of his work at The Garrick Theatre, London (2017).