James Southall Ford


“My work explores contemporary modes of economic consumption and its accompanying violence; I deal specifically with resulting changes in material states and perception, homing in on technology, archiving and manufacturing to investigate the immaterial potentials of fixed materiality. 


Industrial processes are evoked through specific arrangements of objects whilst temporally obscure forms point towards what which remains hidden. My material choices contemplate the topographical interrelations of geographies and industry – I brings together the found and fabricated, whilst processes of casting invert and shift material formalities. The resulting objects are combined with a particular sensitivity which further alludes to material hierarchies and categories.


Recent projects have focused on addressing logistical infrastructures exhibited within systems of the Anthropocene; much of this work reaches a point of near collapse, disrupting capitalist logics with a fragility that heightens our awareness of material states and works to propose new socio-political modes of existence.”

James Southall-Ford is an artist and researcher based in London. He graduated from a BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2021. Recent selected exhibitions include: Relaunch Exhibition (Function Suite, London, 2022), Quarry curated by Marina Moro (Dovetail, London, 2022), I Know a Guy... The Formula of Withheld Knowledge (ArtHub, London, 2022), Come One, Come All (Function Suite, London, 2022), Doomed and Famous (Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, 2021), Vertical Merger (Uncovered Collective, London, 2021), Alternative Degree Show (Deptford X and Lewisham Arthouse, London, 2021), Repository (Gallery No. 32, London, 2021), Dispelling the Unseen (Function Suite, London, 2021), Distanced Domestic (Old Dairy Hall, London, 2021), This is Not a Degree Show (Deptford X, London, 2019), Nine Degrees of Separation (Deptford Does Art, London, 2019). Upcoming exhibitions include: WIP 1 (Birmingham School of Art, Birmingham, 2022).