Catriona Robertson


“My work explores how the ecology is interconnected with materials and this idea of a future geology made up of waste materials, toxic chemicals, landfill and effects of excavation, and how living in the city we have become disconnected with nature, surrounded by synthetic environments and confined by spaces. Burrowing and burying themselves, my monumental sculptures eat into the ground and into the ceiling in an attempt to break these boundaries, engulfing and regurgitating architecture. Tunnelling through in-between spaces, they re-emerge with a new hardened stone-like shell as they absorb residue of the site they are made in.”

Catriona Robertson is a British/Scottish artist based in London. She graduated from a BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in 2010, and an MFA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in 2019. In 2022, she received the Gilbert Bayes Award from the Royal Society of Sculptors. In 2021 she won second prize, UK New Artist of the Year, awarded by UK New Artists, Robert Walters Group and the Saatchi Gallery and was a SET Studio Prize winner. In the same year, she won the Lambeth Council Economic Resilience Grant and the Acme Studios Artist Relief Award. In 2020, she was awarded the Freelands Foundation Emergency Fund. She has undertaken multiple residencies including the Muse Gallery 269 Artist in Residence (London, 2021-22), the Studio & Research Residency at Proposition Studios (London, 2020), the Koppel Project Campus Residency (London, 2020), and the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award Residency at Standpoint Gallery (London, 2020). Selected recent exhibitions include: Winter Show (The Muse Gallery, London, 2022), UK New Artists of the Year curated by Garth Gratrix (The Saatchi Gallery, London, 2021), Pigeon Park (Manor Place, London, 2021), The Factory Project curated by Thorp-Stavri (London, 2021), Terra Nexus curated by Gabriella Sonabend (Proposition Studios Southbank, London, 2021), A Sculpture of Site an Object of Play (Standpoint Gallery, London. 2020).