Anthony Laurencin



Anthony Laurencin (b. 1990) is a painter based in West London.  Predominantly working with acrylic on unstretched canvas, Laurencin creates bold, narrative-led artworks that are anchored in a strong self-referential style.  Expressive and passionate, Laurencin draws inspiration from past and present surroundings to create works that embrace freedom in art-making. Having begun painting only two years ago, Laurencin has no formal training, and as such, his artistic language is one that is honest, unique and distinct.

Laurencin works intuitively, creating a vast and varied body of work, both in terms of scale and subject matter. Influenced by artists such as Francis Bacon, Jean Michele Basquiat and George Condo, it is possible to track these art-historical influences  in his practice, especially in his use of vibrant colour and specific subject matters. Much like Basquiat, a graffiti-like quality is threaded throughout Laurencin’s work, seen in the dark outlines of his figures, as well as a specific focus on symbolism. Similarly, there are political undertones in Laurencin’s work, with brooding men in suits and striped inmates featured across a number of canvases. Laurencin expertly interprets such topics with ease, creating layered canvases that ultimately have no single interpretation. Laurencin’s raw and honest canvases host a multitude of possible interpretations, revealing a fascinating and ever-evolving artistic practice.


Laurencin’s work is currently held in a number of private collections, and is exhibiting at Studio West (Notting Hill) in May 2022.