"My sculptures are conceived as 'seen' by me, as shapes, textures and colours, and the arrangements of these elements in a three-dimensional form. They are inspired by my personal journeys, observations of daily life, and the colours and textures of nature. I am also inspired by my African origin and ideas that have blended into the way I create my works. I work with most found objects because I believe nothing is dead. I enjoy putting life back into what many people will consider waste. When I pick up pieces of steel, I clean them, reassemble or reconstruct them and there you are, you have a new piece of work with new energy.


I am very much aware of abstraction which has drawn useful parallels with my childhood experiences when I used to see cracks on the walls to form images.

Growing up for me was spending most of my playtime with craftsmen, blacksmiths and carpenters, subconsciously understudying their craftsmanship which has subliminally in later years influenced my creative development. I draw influences from the spaces around me and from the geometrics of nature, hence my sculptures are architectural and rooted. I like creating sculptures that are aesthetically balanced, and which people can interact with, enjoy and be inspired by.


I try to make my sculptures highly viewer-interactive. My concepts are usually stirred by the shape of some found object and the dialogue that follows my contact with the object, or from some memory that I have held onto since childhood.

As aforesaid I can remember when growing up, sitting for hours staring at cracks in the walls and forming images with them. These things bring up thoughts and experiences that challenge me and guide me through my creative processes.


My sculptures are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. I have exhibited in the UK, USA and Canada and my sculptures are in public spaces and private homes. I have lived and worked in the United States for some time. I am now based in the UK."